Working towards a manifesto

From Laura Gordon: 

The Money Problem

How can you experiment without fear of failure when you have this much at stake? If experimentation isn’t the purpose of arts education then what is it – to produce commercially viable work ready for clients and blogs? How will students reinvent and reshape their industries if they’re trained to fit into them as they already exist?
Student as consumer creates a destructive power balance, with tutors as service providers. University structures, courses and staff are governed by money, not learning.



One thought on “Working towards a manifesto

  1. I think that the question of who ‘reinvents’ and ‘reshapes’ industries, or, more broadly speaking, society, is a really important and interesting one. Should education institutions be preparing students to face the world as it is or should education institutions/systems/structures be at the centre of change and innovation? Do universities have a duty to prepare students for the employment market and the world beyond education or can the value of university be in its freedom from these external constraints and pressures? (Is it too late?)

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