Silvie’s proposal

Where does arts education happen?

Event format

  • 1:30h panel discussion consisting of 3 contributions (x 20mins each) from academics and cultural practitioners
  • Participation from audience to establish new perspectives (30mins)
  • Event to be recorded for further research purposes

Aims and objectives

This event will critically engage with current debates in arts education, while insuring that a historical perspective remains stimulus for current critical investigation into this highly debated topic. Our discussion will focus on different spaces and socio-cultural contexts in which arts education in the UK was and is currently embedded. Thereby we will focus on arts education in relation to social class, artistic autonomy and the emergence of different pedagogic spaces. This will allow for a contextual debate on the value, structure and philosophy of arts education, which leads to further discussion on its relevance within a creative industries agenda that favours commercial practices rather than strong artistic positions. Thereby we will jointly conclude with new perspectives for the “survival” of art schools and independent pedagogic initiatives, which includes questioning existing institutional structures, funding systems and professional development trajectories.

Provisional panel

Presentation of a research paper

Banks, M.  & Oakley, K.  (2014/2015 forthcoming) The Dance Goes on Forever? Class, Art Schools and the Myth of Mobility

  • British arts education history
  • Social class mobility
  • Institutionalised artistic autonomy
  • Creative industries agenda

Book review/summary

Ivison, T. & Vandeputte, T. (2013) Contestations: Learning from Critical Experiments in Education, Bedford Press, London

  • Experimental pedagogics
  • Alternative arts education approaches

Case study

Open School East, Alternative arts education

  • Introduction to the emergence of OSE, mission statement, deliverables
  • Key issues in running the programme

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