Public event, 29th of November! Final details:

New Terms: Radical Education Workshops
Sat 29 Nov

Free event

The full programme includes:

12pm: Where does arts education happen?
Critically engaging with current debates in arts education, while insuring that a historical perspective remains stimulus for current critical investigation into this highly debated topic.

1.30pm: The Democratic Table
Exploring the concept of ‘The Democratic Table’ to investigate how shared culinary encounters can create alternative (radical?) spaces for affective education.

When is Art?
This dynamic, participatory workshop opens an (inter)space for trans-discursive dialogue in response to the question, When is Art?

Cutting up Art Education
Discussing avenues of questioning such as William S Burroughs cut-up techniques, collage and other anti-narrative strategies to deconstruct institutional favouritisms.

3.30pm: Human Library
Exploring the New Terms ‘Human Library’, which provides an opportunity to share radical education experiences by means of private conversations in a safe and comfortable environment.


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